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What is “The Freestyle Entrepreneur” (TFE LLC)?   
My name is John Ingrisano.  I am a … 
  • business owner
  • freelance business journalist
  • strategist and “marketeer”
  • professional trainer
  • public speaker
  • educator
  • writing instructor. 

I help businesses — from major insurance and financial services companies to local mom ‘n pop shops — focus their “brands,” train their employees, and market their goods and services.  I make my money by helping my clients make money.  It’s as simple as that.  

I created this site to make your life easier, your business more profitable, your time more productive. 

To learn more about what I do and, most of all, how I can help you achieve your goals, contact me at:

john@jringrisano.com, or call my direct number:  (770) 314-2649. 


If you don’t drive your business, you’ll be driven out of business.” 

                   — Malcolm Forbes  








John Ingrisano: Helping Businesses Survive,

Thrive, and Make Money Since 1985





Since 1985, I have helped hundreds of businesses – from Mom ‘n Pop shops to multi-national corporations – define their objectives, identify their competitive advantages, focus on their bottom-line activities and marshal their resources to achieve enhanced profits.   

As established public speaker and classroom trainer, I educate and motivate industry groups of all sizes through platform presentations and seminar training on custom tailored subjects ranging from sales skills to customer service to branding to the joys and terrors of being a business owner.     

A shameless self-promoter, allow me a few minutes to brag:  

  • I am knowledgeable on selling, marketing and business management.  The author of The Back to Basics Book of Selling and The Back to Basics Book of Money, as well as hundreds of articles about starting, running and growing your business.  Additionally, as a business journalist, I write the “Focus: Small Business” column for Corporate Report Wisconsin each month, am a regular contributor to the NEW North B2B Magazine, and actively consult on marketing for the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation.
  • I’m dependable.  Seventy-five percent of my clients have been with me for 12 years or longer (two for nearly 25 years).
  • I generate results.  On average, when objectives are clearly defined, my clients enjoy, on average, a 10-to-1 return on the value of my services in the first year.  (Example:  If our project together costs you $10,000, you can anticipate a $100,000 improvement in business.) 
  • I know business.  As an entrepreneur and business owner since 1985, I understand both the number crunching side of business as well as the gut-level aspects of what makes a business work. 
  • I talk the talk AND walk the walk.  Known in some circles as “The Voice of the Small-Business Owner,” I am also the founder of The Freestyle Entrepreneur (www.thefreestyleentrepreneur.com), a web-based business that promotes the interests of small-business owners and is designed for “those of us crazy enough to work for ourselves.”

I help my clients increase their sales and boost their profits by …  

  • Helping them identify, capitalize on, and profit from their unique competitive advantage.
  • Custom marketing & public relations campaigns to identify markets, broaden market awareness and create a clear, focused “branding” image (including image building through press releases, and radio air-time).  
  • Developing and implementing skills training, customer service and other programs to train new hires and improve the productivity of current employees.
  • Helping clients enhance the effectiveness of their customer communications, including making their newsletters and websites more relevant and inviting to customers. 

 * * *  

John R. Ingrisano

(770) 314-2649


What I Do … and What I Can Do for You!






If your business needs a boost in productivity and profits, or an image makeover, I just might be able to help. It costs you nothing to talk about what you need and what I can do.


Some of what I can do for you…

  • Marketing planning, creation and implementation.
  • Publicity & Promotion  — from creating and posting flights of attention-grabbing press releases and announcements for print, media and online distribution to advertising campaigns and media buys.
  • Branding — creating a distinct image and culture that helps your business stand out from the crowd … and making sure your markets get the word.
  • Profit-centered Business Analysis — helping your business identify where resources can be better utilized and applied so you get the best value for your expenditures and staff allocations.
  • Customer Service Training — teaching your staff how to double your repeat-buyer rate.
  • Website Review & Analysis — Assessing how effective your website is in (a) presenting your brand image; (b) telling your story; and (c) attracting traffic.