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John R. Ingrisano here with ten tips to help you launch a business. Are you thinking about starting a business? Working for yourself? Whether that means turning your picture-framing hobby into a full-time business; pulling your professional skills out of the corporate world to set up shop on your own; or tackling a mid-life career […]

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Off Topic: A new perspective on fatherhood: Becoming the dad I didn’t have »

Our columnist, Bill Sheridan, is more than just an accomplished business writer.  He also writes regularly about topics covering the broader spectrum of life.  For example, appearing in the Father’s Day edition of the Des Moines Register was a great piece about fatherhood entitled “A new perspective on fatherhood: Becoming the dad I didn’t have“. […]

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Successful business owners aren’t so much unruly as they just don’t see why it is important to stay within the lines. They’d rather be ahead of the crowd than stuck somewhere in the middle, even if it means they are the first ones to go flying over the cliff. Or as I’ve often said, business […]

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Sure, the hours are long and the pay can be spotty. The employees can be demanding, and the customers a challenge. So, why are many of us Freestyle Entrepreneurs still in business? My answer has always been: “Because there’s only one thing worse than working for yourself… and that’s working for somebody else.” Now you […]