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Goals! Goals! Goals! Any Questions? »

I got swapping motivational business stories yesterday with a new business associate.  We talked about Steven Covey and W. Clement Stone and other biz authors we had both read, so we had terrific issues in common, almost like we had been referred by mutual friends.   We also both laughed at how we had come roaring […]

To Shine or Not to Shine?–That is the Question. »

It’s a sign of the times. Driving to work recently, I noticed a ‘For Sale’ sign on a white SUV that sat on a lawn next to the road. Obviously, someone who doesn’t appreciate low gas mileage is attempting to sell the vehicle to a person who can afford to fill it up at $4.00 per […]

Hire “up”! »

Why is it that great leaders have great teams while lousy non-leaders tend to have lousy teams?  Look at the approach to hiring.   Great leaders are not afraid of being upstaged by an employee.  On the contrary, truly great leaders are always looking for their own replacement … because they know they still have […]

Success is Easy »

I learned a long time ago that the “secret” to success is to keep your mind, heart and efforts focused solely on what you want and then to just keep at it.  No room for doubts or second guessing.   Step One:  Decide what you really want.  Step two: Map out the major steps how […]

Cold-Fish Handshakes »

 How to Screw Up an Otherwise Outstanding First Impression  By Bill Willard Contributing Author  The Issue:  Some people never get the message about how badly a limp, wussified handshake comes across in business or non-business venues—and from women as well as men. This week, we straighten the picture on the wall about that.  What I […]

Transferring Trust »

Shortly after going full-time into the life insurance business (following ten years as a part-timer) in 1977 at the age of thirty-three, I was invited into a partnership with a senior agent. Bob Jamieson had built up a tremendous estate planning clientele working with farmers living near Fort Dodge, Iowa. Twenty years older than me, he had two goals: […]


 “Successful people are not just those who are good at what they do, but those who are good at selling the idea that they are good at what they do.”  — Jack Gordon [This article first appeared in Corporate Report Wisconsin.]  As an SBO, my marketing budget ranges somewhere between non-existent and who-are-you-kidding?  One space ad, […]

The Sport of Business »

Integrated Enterprise Excellence, Volume 1 — The Basics: Golfing Buddies Go Beyond Lean Six Sigma and the Balanced Scorecard, Forrest W. Breyfogle, III, Bridgeway Books, 2008, 143 pages. Golf may once have been The Sport of Kings, but with some $28 billion in annual sales now attributed to contacts and relationships initiated on the golf […]

Taking the Time to Make It Short »

I don’t remember when or where I read or heard this quote, but it has stuck with me because of its irony. The person in question was defending either his rambling speech or verbose piece of writing which had been criticized, “It would have been much better but I just didn’t have time to make […]

Watch for the Smiling Watches »

How are you perceived by the people with whom you do business on a daily basis? Do they welcome your calls and are they glad to see you in person? I strongly urge you to consider this and always be thinking about how to create a positive image with them. We’re really talking about marketing in […]

Is Anyone Really Listening? »

Today’s piece is somewhat ironic coming from a person who wears hearing aids. However, the issue is not really about hearing—the issue is about listening. It is such a simple request but seldom garners the results that I’ve asked for. Like most of you, my wife and I are not at home during normal working hours. That, however, […]