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“Virtually Guaranteed” — Long-Term Care and the Need for Long-Term Care Insurance »

The Issue:  Long-term care is a variety medical and non-medical services to help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities meet health or personal needs, including the activities of daily living: dressing, bathing, and using the bathroom. Long-term care services can be provided at home, in the community, and in assisted living centers or nursing homes. […]

Shifting the Risk »

Note from author: The following article, written by me, was published in the June 2000 issue of ‘Life Insurance Selling Magazine.’ I feel that it is very appropriate for this venue because it has been my experience that most small-business people do not carry adequate life and disability insurance.     I have worked for […]

Lessons from Losing »

If you asked one hundred college or pro coaches and athletes, fifty would say that you learn nothing from losing and fifty would tell you that it’s where they gained their deepest insights.   I tend to agree with the ‘learning from losing’ camp and will back it up with some good examples. Here are […]


No, that’s not an original thought — time is money — but it is right on the money!  We all have the same 24 hours each day.  But why is it that some of us cover miles and miles of productive terrain each day, while others barely get their shoelaces tied, so to speak?    Here are […]

Traditionalists v. Radicalists »

The Issue: We are at another of those moments in history that reveal what people are all about. Specifically, the differences between Republican “Traditionalists” and Democrat “Radicalists” (to coin a phrase) are as clear as they have been since 1968, and are no prettier now than they were then. What I Think:  Last week’s financial […]


Here’s a secret:  If you think your life is tough — that you have troubles or weaknesses or frustrations enough to make a saint pull out his hair — join the crowd.  We all fight demons and weaknesses each and every day. Here’s the good news:  If you are not happy with your position and […]


(The following article first appeared in the August 2008 edition of Corporate Report Wisconsin.)  If challenging times bring out the best in people, then these are great times for small business owners.  Those who thrive amid today’s darkening economy are those who are prepared.  Fortunately, if you’re a small business owner, you’re in a unique position […]

The End of the World? »

The Issue: Two major Wall Street giants collapsed this week, unemployment was up, and the stock markets fell some 500 points. Some say the End of the World is lumbering into view. What I Think: Democrats and their Media pals have enjoyed hyperventilating over an Economic Dooms Day, but they can calm down and come […]

Show Your Best First »

My friend and colleague, Tom Myers, discovered the secret quite by accident. He sold lots of life insurance but also happened to be the ‘King of Annuity Sales’ in his agency.   “Whenever I went on a call,” Tom explained to me, “I made a calculated guess on what my prospect could afford and prepared […]

Rote SOP Can Do Wonders »

Rote SOP Can Do Wonders   I’m a big fan of Standard Operating Procedures.   Assuming I’ve researched and planned well, and laid out the steps, I can work by the numbers, knowing I need to do so much X to obtain this much Y in Z amount of time (sort of like the 10-3-1 ratio […]

Proactive Customer Service is a Profit Center »

“Eighty percent of my business comes from existing clients.” — A Financial Services Representative The Issue: Developing and maintaining healthy customer relationships means that you can expect repeat business, and spin off endless chains of high-leverage, well-qualified referrals. What’s more, building on a growing customer base increases profitability by cutting front-end marketing time and costs. […]


I have a minor problem.  My demeanor sometimes exudes arrogance.  It’s something of a family trait.  Plus, when we do something we’re pleased about, we’re proud of it.  No humility here.    The problem?  It really ticks some people off.  Not that I am trying, but it just happens.  But I figured out a long […]