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The Freestyle Entrepreneur Donates 2008 Ad Revenue to Charity »

This might be an unexpected statement coming from two capitalists but, “we’re not in it for the money.” The operative word in this proclamation being “it” with “it” being blog ad revenue. If you told us tomorrow we could make a couple hundred grand on ad revenue, we might re-think this pithy mantra. However, as […]


Recruiting  & Selection Tips SBOS Can Put To The Test – Part 2 EEOC/ADA Do’s & Don’ts By Bill Willard, Contributing Author The Issue: Every question you ask in selection interviews is subject to Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. What I’ve Learned:  Thanks to Uncle Sam, “Freestyle Entrepreneur” is […]


I hadn’t seen Marty in a few weeks, not since his restaurant failed.  The news had left me sad. It’s never fun to watch a hard-working fellow lose not only his money, but also his dream.  Fortunately, he still had his base business: a small tavern, with quarters upstairs for him and his wife.  But […]

Need Sales Reps? »

Recruiting  & Selection Tips SBOS Can Put To The Test – Part 1 By Bill Willard, Contributing Author  The Issue: For SBOs, Recruiting sales reps means finding people who can sell; Selection means inviting only the best to come aboard.  [Note: We’re talking outside sales here, not clerks roaming the isles or manning the cash […]


Time!  As a business owner, time can be your worst enemy or your best friend…depending on how well you manage it.  The successful business owner sees it as a key ingredient to success. We all get the same allotment of 24 hours each day.  For the disorganized, who squander their time, it is an enemy.  But […]

Paul, George, John, Ringo–and You »

Recently I attended an event at the Des Moines Civic Center simply called Rain. The title comes from the name of a group that performs a two-hour tribute to the Beatles.  By all accounts, it was a huge success. The music was live and their sound authentic. The visuals—complete with costumes, wigs, lights, a fog […]


 Here are four ways you can cut your 2008 taxes: Push December billings into January, as long as your clients/customers have no objections.  This moves what would be 2008 income into 2009.  If you are cash shy, borrow on your line of credit and repay the loan in January.  Imagine you would normally receive $10,000 in December.  If you […]