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Some businesses have an atmosphere of quiet competency, confidence and professionalism.  You can walk in the door and almost feel an overwhelming sense of purpose and belonging.  Everyone, from file clerk to CEO, looks as if he or she has an important, clearly defined and respected place in the organization.  It’s called a team.  Consistently […]

How To Dispute an Incorrect Medical Bill or Denied Insurance Claim? »

The Issue If you have an incorrect medical bill or denied insurance claim, getting it corrected can become a lengthy process. If the denial is for coverage or a service or procedure, it can mean fighting the insurance company tooth and nail…their very large teeth and extremely sharp nails. What I Think First of all, […]

Book Review: Think Like A Champion – An Informal Education in Business and Life »

Book Review Think Like A Champion – An Informal Education in Business and Life By Donald J. Trump, with Meredith McGiver Vanguard Press, 2009 Hardcover, $24.95 Reviewed by Bill Willard More than just the product of an indifferent barber, Donald Trump is a self-made, deservedly self-confident businessman instantly recognized wherever he goes. He is, […]


It’s no longer a matter of time management.  It’s more like time protection, as the pace keeps getting faster, and the ways to get thrown off task have hi-tech multiplied.  The bottom line:  Your time is under assault, and the attacks are ongoing, relentless.  Some will be from well-intentioned acquaintances who want to invite you […]

Flipping the Switch »

The Issue Are you ready for anything? In these uncertain times, with Washington pols providing little if any credible leadership, Freestyle Entrepreneurs better know when its time to flip the switch from inaction (normalcy) to action (adaptability). What I Think Air force aviators are taught survival in the most hostile environments and worst possible weather. […]

The Fearless Fish Out of Water »

Book Review The Fearless Fish Out of Water – How to Succeed When You’re The Only One Like You By Robin Fisher Roffer Paperback, $24.95 Reviewed by Bill Willard Almost everyone has a “fish-out-of-water” story to tell. A report in Parade Magazine, for instance, explains that the promotional tagline “Characters Welcome,” which airs during […]

The Economic Stimulus Package »

The Issue Congress passed a $787 billion stimulus package on February 13, 2009. The measure passed in the House with no Republican votes. Three Republican senators, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe and Arlen Specter joined the Democrats to pass the bill, by a vote of 60-38, in the Senate. President Barack Obama, who originally drafted the […]


Two things I always ask SBOs:  (1) How’s business?  (2) What are you reading? Q # 1 keeps coming back a reassuring “not bad.”  As for Q # 2, here are some recent recommendations.   Interestingly, most are about attitude and how one views life, work, and success.  In other words, get your head right and great […]

House Calls Revisited »

The Issue: Remember when doctors came to your home when you were sick? Anyone who grew up in the ‘40s and ’50 probably does. A relic of the past? Well, yes. But apparently one that’s worth a second look; this time as “Elite Care MD,” a medical practice that caters to business owners and anyone […]

Passion Is The Investment Capital of Success »

You’ve seen it:  The man or woman who is excited, motivated, charged up.  Women like Mary Kay Ash or men like Bill Gates were not necessarily all that smart.  (Yes, they were no dummies, but still….)  What is their secret? Simple. Success is not about well-balanced balance sheets, fat-cat backers with lots of investment dollars, […]