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7 Great Affirmations for the Unemployed With Practical Tips You Can Apply Today »

By Paul & Tracey McManus, Authors of The 7 Great Prayers: For a Lifetime of Hope and Blessings Lost jobs. Lost homes. Lost hope It’s in the headlines, it’s on the news, and it’s in our day-to-day conversations with people we care about: family, friends, co-workers, neighbors and people within our spiritual circles. When you’re […]


“I’m barely surviving,” one frustrated business owner told me recently.  “Keep it to yourself,” I fired back quickly.    Yes, many of us are being challenged by the state of the economy today.  We’re tightening up expenses, finding creative ways to promote ourselves, and looking at both our customer bases and product lines with a […]

Training the SBO Mentality »

Issue of the Week Many of the folks you ask to join your company will think like entrepreneurs from the get-go. But not all. People hired for their must-have knowledge and skills may be clueless about working at a small business or for an independent cuss like you. Think computer geeks and shipping mavens, for […]

Book Review: The Back To Basics Guide to Selling »

The Back to Basics Book of Selling A Guide to a Successful Sales Career 25th Anniversary Edition By John R. Ingrisano Paperback, $19.94 Reviewed by Bill Willard Selling is a numbers game, a thought perhaps best expressed in the famous 10-3-1 sales ratio. That is, for every 10 live bodies you talk to, 3 […]

Why I Love Marathoners »

I’m a draft horse.  I can plug along for hours upon hours when put to a task.  My brother, on the other hand, is off running the Boston Marathon this weekend.  I admire him and others who work and sweat and train their bodies so they can actually run 27+ miles.  I love them because they not only […]


Let’s not confuse small business owner with entrepreneur.  Yes, by definition, an entrepreneur is a business owner.  However, I think of entrepreneurs as wildcatters who roam the landscape looking for investment and business opportunities.  Most of us aren’t all that glamorous.  You could say we’re usually mostly downright usual.  For example…     We’re usually amateurs […]


“The beautiful part of being an SBO in these times is that you will not get fired, laid off, downsized. You may be dead broke but you still have a job to get up for, and probably many more dragons to be slain.” Jim Truckey Entrepreneur


The award goes to Badger Wholesale in Green Bay, Wisconsin.  Here’s why:   I was chatting with Dean Tenor last week, when his phone rang.  Dean is the owner of Dairy Deans, a small ham ‘n egger eatery overlooking Lake Michigan in Algoma, Wisconsin.  Dairy Deans is the kind of place where the coffee is […]

Been Ignoring Customer Service These Days? »

The Issue At a time when landing new customers may be at the top of our SBO agendas, ignoring existing customers can soon become a self-inflicted, perhaps fatal wound. What I Think: Last summer, Sue and I purchased 30 feet of sliding glass doors for our waterfront Clearwater, FL condo. Other than letting in lots […]