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Blue Blazer! »

Putting Your Best Foot Forward By Bill Willard Contributing Author The Issue Among many other pearls wisdom my parents offered is this: “You can go anywhere and be dressed for any occasion in a blue blazer.” They were right: in fact, one way for small-business owners to put your best foot forward at work–no matter […]


Some law firms are calling it a “perfect storm.”  Between the weak economy, which has businesses looking for ways to cut corners (and often turning to layoffs as a solution) and a pro-employee administration in Washington that is making it harder and harder for businesses to defend themselves in court, lawsuits against employers are at […]


You know that financially stable employees are less distracted, more productive. They are also more likely to stay with your company. This helps boost retention, reduce turnover, and lower the costs of finding, attracting and training new hires. With this in mind, I’m pleased to announce that I’ve formed a new business — Family Finances […]

Micro Manage When You Must; Macro Manage Because You Can »

By Bill Willard Contributing Author The Issue What is your management style? Are you a macro or micro manager? When is micro management appropriate, and why, and when is macro management appropriate and why? What I Think As a small-business owner you interact with your employees more than you would in the corporate world. That […]

Avoiding the Taxman? »

States Offer Voluntary Disclosure Programs to Help With Delinquent Tax Returns By Jonathan Medows, CPA Medows CPA, PLLC ( Despite the obvious benefits of being your own boss: flexible hours…stimulating daily work…the opportunity to make more money than you can working for someone else, small-business owners and freelancers face challenges unique to self-employment. Along with […]


Need an interest-free loan to help out your business?  According to Nate Kok, Assistant Vice President, at Hometown Bank in Appleton, Wisconsin, the SBA has just finalized the America’s Recovery Capital (ARC) Loan Program. Whether you are pro or con on all the bailout ideas coming out of Washington, this seems to be a pretty interesting deal.  If your […]

Never Sweat Another Tough Situation! »

Crucial conversations – Tools for Talking When the Stakes are High By Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, Al Switzler Foreword by Steven Covey McGraw-Hill, 2002, Paperback $16.95 Reviewed by Bill Willard From my own work with organizations, including families, and from my own experience, I have come to see that there are a few […]


 [A version of this article first appeared in the April issue of Corporate Report Wisconsin.]   Who has the entrepreneurial spirit?  Not everyone, that’s for sure.  While many people dream about the romance of being self-employed (I know, romance?), most folks aren’t cut out for the life.  So, here’s a tale of two guys and […]

A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace »

Book Review The Back to Basics Book of Money –A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace By John R. Ingrisano Paperback, Copyright 2009 Text: $15.99 & Workbook: $14.99 Set: $24.99 Reviewed by Bill Willard News Flash: The newly married typically have long, bumpy roads ahead of them under the best of circumstances. An economy that […]

When Policy Impedes Performance »

The Issue Can’t wait to outgrow the ties of scale that keep your small business small? Be careful what you wish for! With success comes stricture, and it doesn’t take long to outgrow the fierce independence and responsive vitality of being a freestyle entrepreneur. What I Think True story. The names have been changed to […]


People who know me tell me I’m unemployable.  There’s some truth to that.  I’ve been self-employed since 1985.  I’ve been borderline wealthy and down to my last 17 cents.  I’ve had a handful of employees and had a staff of just me … unless you count Rocky the Boxer and Toni the Golden Retriever.   […]

SEO – Getting on the BIG Radar Screen »

The Issue: What’s the number-one business killer on the internet?  It’s pretty obvious, but many of us miss it. The answer? Not being found on the first page of Google. What I Think Millions of Internet searches are punched in every day, many looking for exactly what you and I are selling. The trouble is […]