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Together Again for the First Time »

Issue of the Week Together Again for the First Time We’ve Made It This Far. What’s Next? The Issue: In 2006, the oldest of 78.2 million Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, turned 60 years old. That, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, works out to 7,918 turning 60 every day or […]


There’s a whole lot of worrying going on out there in this squeaky tight economy.  Everybody I talk to is having trouble sleeping at night, playing those “what if” or “oh no” tapes over and over in their heads.   As they say, ‘snot worth it.  Worrying just saps your energy and clouds your mind.  […]

Need a Loan? If You’re an SBO, Forget It! »

Issue of the Week Need a Loan?  If You’re an SBO, Forget It! The Issue: Wall Street is back doling out the usual six-figure bonuses as if the U.S. economy hadn’t been in the tank for the past two years. But SBOs looking for routine financing are finding they’re still plumb out of luck. What […]

Leadership Lessons For SBO Managers »

Leadership Lessons For SBO Managers Leadership, Like Class, is Hard to Define, But Easy to Spot! The Issue:  Not all of the SBO stalwarts we write for and about on Freestyle Entrepreneur are lone guns struggling to build their businesses from a spare bedroom. Some of you lurch uncontrollably into conspicuous success, and find yourselves […]


I knew the economy was in a bad way when, several weeks ago, I saw a friend’s husband in church.  Not a regular church goer, he was there nonetheless, and he was looking grim.  (I learned later that his business is hanging on by a thread and he is fast running out of options.)    […]