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  You don’t “stand” your business. You don’t “walk” your business. You “run” your business! Ready?  Set? Go!         —    John R. Ingrisano                The Freestyle Entrepreneur  

Do What You Love »

I love to work hard.  In my opinion, there’s nothing more demanding or thrilling than getting out every day and taking on the enormous challenges of running a business.  Some days I slay the dragons; some days I come home smoked and char-broiled.  That’s half the fun.    But I also love to get away from […]


As business owners, we love (or envy) those stories about the business that increases its sales by 35% one year, 50% the next, etc.  Unfortunately, most of us would giggle ourselves silly if we picked up 10% a year. Here’s what I do:  I look for ways to directly increase my sales or lower my […]


Socialism sounds nice.  Everybody takes care of each other, nobody goes hungry, etc.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work.  Capitalism does.  It enables everyone to take care of himself or herself so nobody goes hungry, etc.    Capitalism makes it possible for people to purchase the greatest variety of goods for the lowest possible prices.  (Government subsidies, […]


Two back-to-basics things you need to remember this January: Market!  Market!  Market!  Bang the drum, reminding your customers about who you and what why you are the greatest thing to happen since Al Gore invented the Internet.  This how you bring in new customers!   Marketing is especially imporant now, since the economy is showing key signs of rousing from […]

How to Re-ignite the Fire in Your Belly »

  The nature of being an SBO invites burnout.  That’s because, if we’re doing it right, we come home every night on empty – bedraggled, worn out, totally spent.  That can take its toll over time. I know I’m approaching burnout when I begin having weird fantasies.  In addition to the one about two showgirls […]