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We didn’t start the recession.  That, in my opinion, was the brain child of stupid government policy and trough-happy big businesses who couldn’t resist the lure of “easy” government money.  But that’s a topic for a different day.  We – as in the millions of small businesses across the land — didn’t start the recession.  […]


Definition of a business owner:  Someone who works eighteen hours a day for himself or herself…to avoid working eight hours for somebody else!  Building a business can be tough; keeping it going and turning a profit doesn’t always get any easier.  It takes a lot of hard work and determination…with no guarantees.  Nearly a million […]

“How’s the Egg?” »

Customer Service, Client Building & Follow–Up The Issue: Small-business owners–and anyone else who enjoys a good sandwich–need a place like “Shelly Deli.” This sandwich shop in a convenience store by the bay in Safety Harbor, Florida makes the best “Cubans” and hoagies in town. Any town! With friends coming for lunch Thursday, we’d phoned-in for […]

Marketing Revelation & Book Recommendation »

THE MARKETING REVOLUTION IS HERE I’m a dinosaur, pushing 60 years of age.  I grew up in an age when marketing meant bending, twisting, shouting, cajoling, sex-appealing, manipulating, and pleading to get people to BUY!  BUY!  BUY!  It was a one-way message:  from the seller to the would-be buyer.  We talk.  You listen.  Any questions?  […]