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The Freestyle Entrepreneur Donates 2008 Ad Revenue to Charity »

This might be an unexpected statement coming from two capitalists but, “we’re not in it for the money.” The operative word in this proclamation being “it” with “it” being blog ad revenue. If you told us tomorrow we could make a couple hundred grand on ad revenue, we might re-think this pithy mantra. However, as […]

The Back to Basics Book of Selling: A Guide to a Successful Sales Career »

PRESS RELEASE/BOOK REVIEW FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: John R. Ingrisano (920) 559-3722 Book Review Back to Basics Key to Sales Success The Back to Basics Book of Selling: A Guide to a Successful Sales Career by John R. Ingrisano. $19.94, Lulu Books. Successful selling is not about the gift of gab or being quick with […]

Are You a Manager That Does Too Much? »

TFE welcomes back guest author Linda Talley, professional speaker and executive coach from Houston, TX… There are only 2 things an employee needs: economic conditions met psychological conditions met Once you handle the money issue, then it’s time to handle the other. In order to do that, most research says that the psychological needs of […]

Is Loyalty a Myth? »

Written on 3/15/2008 by Dan Paulson of InVision Business Development. By now you have probably heard the “R” word.  The papers, magazines, TV and radio are all talking about it.  So it must be true, right? So if we are entering a recession, does that mean all businesses are going to suffer?  My guess is […]

Publications: John Ingrisano »

Read John’s recent writing in other publications: When the Check’s Not in the Mail from Lake Winnebago Business To Business. The Joys of being a Solo Entrepreneur from Corporate Report Wisconsin. The Fine Art of Evergreen Planning from Corporate Report Wisconsin. Take the Business Owner’s Vacation Pledge from Corporate Report Wisconsin. Ten Survival Principles: How […]

Introducing the New WordPress-ized TFE »

As Director of Technology and Marketing (titles both self-ascribed) for The Freestyle Entrepreneur (TFE), I’m pleased to bring our readers a complete face lift. Starting out in late 2006, our goal with TFE centered on getting a site where we could express our entrepreneurial thoughts up quickly and easily. TypePad, our original, full-service blogging framework, […]

Parlate il commercio? »

Roughly translated, this reads “Do you speak business?” in Italian. For our honeymoon, my wife and I enjoyed ten wonderful days in Italy. We flew into Rome and then drove to Tuscany/Florence finally arriving in Venice. While driving through Tuscany to Florence, we got turned around trying to find a particular tourist attraction. Finally, not […]

Networking Need Not be Dreaded »

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Are you a Mystery Shopper? »

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Off Topic: A new perspective on fatherhood: Becoming the dad I didn’t have »

Our columnist, Bill Sheridan, is more than just an accomplished business writer.  He also writes regularly about topics covering the broader spectrum of life.  For example, appearing in the Father’s Day edition of the Des Moines Register was a great piece about fatherhood entitled “A new perspective on fatherhood: Becoming the dad I didn’t have“. […]

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