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Below is a guest column from Jerry Baltus, a friend and professional coach.  For more great tips from Jerry, visit his site on Facebook, or contact him at  Enjoy.  JRI The Biggest Loser  Business coaching has often been compared to athletic coaching, and I’ve used this analogy many times to help others understand what we […]


[The following is a guest column written by Dr. Robert C. Snyder, musician, businessman and keen-eyed observer of life.  Enjoy. JRI]  In the late 1940s I became aware of customer loyalty. I noticed that Millard, my dad, always bought his gas at the same Texaco station near our house in Topeka, Kansas. Millard never let the […]

A Tale of Two Customers »

The following is  a guest  article by Dr. Robert (Flute) Snyder of Hudson, Wisconsin, who worked thirty years as a college professor of music, appeared at Carnegie Recital Hall and was reviewed favorably in the New York Times. He served several years as a professional secretary, filled unemployment gaps for almost thirty years as a small […]

Are You a Manager That Does Too Much? »

TFE welcomes back guest author Linda Talley, professional speaker and executive coach from Houston, TX… There are only 2 things an employee needs: economic conditions met psychological conditions met Once you handle the money issue, then it’s time to handle the other. In order to do that, most research says that the psychological needs of […]

Is Loyalty a Myth? »

Written on 3/15/2008 by Dan Paulson of InVision Business Development. By now you have probably heard the “R” word.  The papers, magazines, TV and radio are all talking about it.  So it must be true, right? So if we are entering a recession, does that mean all businesses are going to suffer?  My guess is […]