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A recurring dream:  Employees who go the extra mile, take pride in their jobs, seem not just satisfied, but enthusiastic and, most of all, productive!  Just a fantasy, you think?  It’s called employee motivation, and, when achieved, it can transform a business into a dynamic, growth organization.  The question is how…and at what cost?   Does […]


Does this sound familiar when you hire a new employee?  The person you get doesn’t resemble the person you thought you hired.  At the same time, the new employee is often just as puzzled — because this sure as heck doesn’t seem like the job you promised.  Everybody ends up wasting a great deal of time, effort and money.  Most […]

SBOs and Automatic IRAs? »

“We’re from the government, and we’re here to help!” Those few words have struck fear into Generations of Americans. One recent instance is the notion of further forcing employers to help employees build retirement nest eggs, need it, or not. The trouble is, a great many American workers need it! A July 2007 Wall Street […]

Will An HSA Solve your Health Insurance Problem? »

John Ingrisano here, with some thoughts on health insurance. If you’re going into business, one of the big questions you must answer is, “What should I do about my health care benefits?” For me, an HSA was the answer. As a small-business owner in good health, I was paying more than $4,400 a year in […]