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The Freestyle Entrepreneur Donates 2008 Ad Revenue to Charity »

This might be an unexpected statement coming from two capitalists but, “we’re not in it for the money.” The operative word in this proclamation being “it” with “it” being blog ad revenue. If you told us tomorrow we could make a couple hundred grand on ad revenue, we might re-think this pithy mantra. However, as […]

Introducing the New WordPress-ized TFE »

As Director of Technology and Marketing (titles both self-ascribed) for The Freestyle Entrepreneur (TFE), I’m pleased to bring our readers a complete face lift. Starting out in late 2006, our goal with TFE centered on getting a site where we could express our entrepreneurial thoughts up quickly and easily. TypePad, our original, full-service blogging framework, […]

Freestyle Entrepreneur Mug Now Available »

Sure, the hours are long and the pay can be spotty. The employees can be demanding, and the customers a challenge. So, why are many of us Freestyle Entrepreneurs still in business? My answer has always been: “Because there’s only one thing worse than working for yourself… and that’s working for somebody else.” Now you […]