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Luke the Puzzle Meister

Our two grandchildren, Ben (7) and Luke (3), bring untold joy into my life. Some of it may stem from the fact that many of our friends have teenage grandcritters. Perhaps I am taking extra pleasure in finally joining in on the fun at this stage of my life.

Another aspect, however, is watching them develop from babies to toddlers to little boys. I am particularly fascinated (although not particularly surprised) to see how each is developing his own personality. Ben tends to be more patient and gentle than his little brother. Luke has only two speeds: fast and out-of-control! He has yet to discover a chair, couch, table, or countertop that he won’t jump from. This, to the consternation of his mom and amusement of his dad.

When Luke is quiet, it is simply a lull before the storm as he’s plotting his next adventure.

Get out the band-aids. They will be needed in short order.

Because of Luke’s normal rambunctious nature, I have been intrigued by his latest passion–assembling puzzles.

There is something so "un-Luke-like" about it. I watched in amazement on Christmas day as he assembled a 48-piece puzzle. He had just received it as a present and quickly put together all of the pieces on the living room floor in thirty-minutes. Interestingly, Luke accomplished the feat among the chaos of opening his other presents, enduring our two Basset Hound granddogs (Kramer and Nora) step on the pieces and listening to seven adults (plus his brother) laugh and talk in the background.

He had never seen the puzzle before and rarely looked at the picture on the box as a road map. Yet, the three-year old did something in less than a half-hour that would have taken me two or three times that long to do. Wild Man Luke actually has the patience, aptitude and willingness to do something that would drive me absolutely bonkers.

The event I just described has given me something to ponder. I ask you entrepreneurs to consider with me:

Why do you excel at the things that you do? Why do some tasks seem so easy and others pure drudgery?

On second thought, maybe ‘why’ doesn’t matter. Perhaps a better question is, "What are you really good at and how can you integrate that skill (or those skills) into your professional life and personal life?"

Or, "What trips your proverbial trigger to make you succeed in certain areas while showing total disdain in others?"

As we go into a new year, I challenge you to consider these questions. Do some serious self-examination so that you can nurture what has been given to you by nature.

Oh, and a reminder for you adult adventuresome ‘Lukes’ out there: Couches and chairs are designed for sitting, not as launching pads to the emergency room.

Bill Sheridan—SHERIDAN WRITES: Bio under Guest Authors

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  1. Autumn | Jan 27, 2008 | Reply

    Great analogy! I have this discussion with my superior at work quite often. We try to find that special quality in each individual and encourage them to excel at it. We have to realize that we all can’t be great at everything and that it truly is a team effort, made up of many ‘Lukes’!

  2. bobby | Apr 6, 2008 | Reply

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