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While networking helps you meet people you need to know, it is relationships that make business both profitable and personally rewarding. How to stay in regular contact with your business friends: Schedule regular meetings and/or telephone calls with key professional friends either monthly or quarterly. 

The best part:  No agenda.  Just chat and catch up. 

The bonus:  Since I’ve started scheduling phone calls with my business (and personal) friends, I’ve expanded my business connections and deepened my personal relationships. 

Work hard.  Make money.  Have fun. 

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  1. NB | Jan 30, 2008 | Reply


    How do you feel like you can have that personal conversation when its over the phone? It seems like that gets so impersonal?


  2. John R. Ingrisano | Jan 30, 2008 | Reply

    Good point. There has to be an existing relationship. It is hard to do this with people you do not know well.

    However, I recommend that you go through your rolodex (rolodex?) and pick out a handful of people you do know, but with whom you have not connected lately. Then set up a time to talk. My experience since I began doing this is that these folks (A) immediately recognize the value of such scheduled “appointments,” and (B) embrace the idea.

    The bottom line: It can strengthen an existing relationship. Good luck, and thanks for sharing your thoughts. John

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