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Need a motivational speaker to fire up your hourly folks or remind your sales force that what they do is super important?

Let John Ingrisano, author of the Back to Basics Book of Selling,  give a boost to your bottom line with a get-results workshop, seminar, or motivational presentation.

Motivating, educational and entertaining presentations for your business group, Chamber of Commerce, sales force or managers.  John Ingrisano shares his wit, wisdom & personal experiences on the rough ‘n tumble world of of surviving and thriving in the free-for-all business arena. Below are just some of topics available for your company or group:

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Title:  “That’s Great!  So What?  Who Cares? Discover Your Competitive Advantage”

Great ideas are like secrets to success: Everybody has a dozen or so, and most don’t hold up well to the TGSWWC test (short for “That’s Great!  So What?  Who Cares?”).  That’s also the mistake a lot of business people make when it comes to their marketing.  They waste a ton of money promoting vague, tired old claims that potential customers either don’t believe or don’t care about.

This 50-minute, interactive presentation/workshop will help you understand why customers do (or should) buy from you and will help you identify your business’s  # 1 competitive advantage, that unique strength that makes you stand out from your competitors.  (And no, it’s not such mind-numbing claims as “great customer service” or “attractive prices.”)

Audience:  Anyone responsible from keeping his or her company profitable and competitive – from CEOs of multi-national mega-companies to Mom ‘n Pop operations fighting it out on Main Street for their piece of the local pie.   This hands-on presentation is ideally positioned as part of a day-long business program or as a free-standing program to a single company’s managers or business group, including Chambers of Commerce and Economic Development Corporations.

Presentation covers:

  • The importance of understanding your company’s competitive advantage.
  • The fact that only a rare few truly understand the concept and reality of their business’s competitive advantage.
  • The characteristics that make a strength a true competitive advantage.
  • How to begin identifying your company’s actual competitive advantages during the workshop.

What you can expect to take away from this presentation:  At the conclusion, attendees will have a clear understanding of the concept of competitive advantage and have taken the first steps to clearly identifying their # 1 competitive advantage.


Title:  “How to Beat Business Burnout”

Burnout and boredom are among the top reasons small business owners pack it in and either sell out or shut down.  According to market re­search, these two factors account for 50 percent of all busi­ness sales.  Pretty much every business owner hits the wall, crashes and burns.  The problem is especially rough in today’s shaky economy.

It makes sense.  Successful men and women tend to be creative problem solvers.  They are also easily bored.  Plus, they don’t just commit them­selves to their companies…they become consumed by the quest.  Many put in long hours.  They neglect their health, families and outside activities.  Some end up physically ill, emotionally depressed, divorced.  Ironically, a major cause of burnout is suc­cess, ach­ieving a single goal long sought.  That’s why many business owners get rest­less, discontented, bored.

This entertaining and informative 50-minute presentation, with Power Point and handouts, has universal appeal for most business owners.  A lively mixture of statistics and John Ingrisano’s personal experiences (“I know I’m approaching burnout when I begin fantasizing about either Las Vegas and a showgirl or applying for an hourly job behind the counter of my local convenience store.”), you will be amused and unsettled by this humorous approach to a very serious subject.  Most of all, however, you will leave with some practical ideas about how to beat burnout.

Audience:  Business owners, professionals and managers in high-stress, demanding positions.

Presentation covers:

  • The price of commitment to success and the risk and causes of burnout.
  • The telltale signs of impending burnout.
  • Ten practical, hands-on tips to re-ignite that fire in your belly and side-step burnout.

What you can expect to take away from this presentation: Business owners, professionals and executives will obtain tools to help them recognize the telltale signs of burnout and will learn steps to help them avoid this destructive malaise that plagues too many men and women in business.


Title:  “The Busy Business Owner’s Guide to a Pain-free Vacation

How can you spot the business person on vacation at the beach?  Look for the one sitting under an umbrella tapping away on a laptop computer or having a lively conversation on a Blackberry.  That’s not a vacation … just an outdoor office with a view.

If you’re like many business people, you’re convinced the place will fall apart without you.  And the truth is that if you just walk out the door for two weeks without prior planning, it probably will.  At the same time, if you drag along a briefcase full of work or call in instructions four times a day, why even bother to go?  Save your family the grief and you the expense.  Just stay home.

This playful, yet practical (and deadly serious) 50-minute presentation and hands-on workshop, with Power Point and handouts, will show audience members the why and how of reviewing their vacation plans to make sure the business survives, their families survive, and they even return to the office rested and ready to jump back into work.

Audience:  Business owners and managers.  Ideal as an after-dinner presentation for business groups and managers in high-stress professions, including attorneys and doctors.

Presentation covers:

  • The typical executive vacation, which is no vacation at all, and how everybody loses.
  • A practical, step-by-step method to enhance the value of a vacation.
  • The hands-on “Busy Business Manager’s Vacation Pledge.”

What you can expect to take away from this presentation: At the conclusion, attendees will understand the importance of taking real vacations, and they will understand how to plan and organize their get-away vacation, as well as prepare their office for their absence.  Most of all, they will learn how to make sure that they and their families actually enjoy their vacations.


Title:  “Husbands, Wives & the Family Business – How to Survive Working Together  

It can be tough having to deal with a partner in business.  It can be even tougher when that partner is your spouse.  The result can be total bliss or pure craziness.  It all depends on whether you take the time to carefully structure your business relationship.

This playful, lively 50-minute presentation is right on target and guaranteed to get business-owner couples nodding their heads and poking each other in the ribs from the very start.  Most of all, it will equip them with practical tools they can use immediately to help them work together smoothly, efficiently and productively … for their sake and the sake of the business’s bottom line.  Peppered with stories from John Ingrisano’s personal experiences, this presentation will make you laugh and nod in understanding as you see how that marital and business relationship can be a wondrous blessing or a painful curse.

Audience:  Mom ‘n Pop shops and other couples involved in family businesses.   Great for conventions that include spouses.

Presentation covers:

  • The charm and challenge of couples working together in a family business.
  • The benefits of knowing how to work together well.
  • The drawbacks when the working relationship is strained … including its impact on the personal relationship.
  • Six must-do things to assure marital bliss and a smoothly-run business.

 What you can expect to take away from this presentation: Couples in business will leave with a greater understanding of why it is important to have a smooth working relationship in the business.  Most of all, they will learn what to do and how to do it … starting immediately.


Title:  “Are You a Buddy Or A Boss? An Employee-Relations Primer”

Encouraging a friendly atmo­sphere on the job is good for morale and productivity.  However, as a manager, you need to know where to draw the line between being a buddy and being the boss, if only because it can be difficult to maintain chum­my relation­ships with employees and still maintain your authority and effective­ness as a manag­er.

This entertaining, informative 50-minute presentation – filled with entertaining examples — illustrates the problems for business owners and managers of trying to be too buddy-buddy with employees and gives solid advice on how maintain both a professional distance and a warm, friendly working relationship.

Audience:  Managers and small-business owner groups.  This presentation is ideally positioned as an after-dinner speech to groups of no fewer than 20, with no upper limit.

Presentation covers:

  • Importance of a positive working relationship between managers and employees.
  • Why some bosses try too hard to be buddies with employees.
  • How most employees feel when the boss wants to become friends.
  • How to maintain both a professional distance and a warm, friendly, productive working relationship. 

What you can expect to take away from this presentation: At the conclusion, the audience will see the relationship between themselves and their employees in a different light and, if they have made the mistake of being too chummy with employees, be prepared, with specific steps, to adjust that relationship.


Title:  “Are You Ready to Become a Retire-preneur?

Whether from the desire to keep busy or the need for money, more and more aging men and women today are opting to skip retirement and join the ranks of the entrepreneur class, going into business, sometimes for the first time in their lives.  Should you take the plunge?  What are the risks?  What are the opportunities?

This informative 30-minute presentation, with Power Point and handouts, is designed to help attendees evaluate whether or not to become retire-preneurs and, if so, how to make best-choice decisions as they go forward.

Audience:  Older men and women who are not business owners.  They are either approaching or in retirement.  Plus, with the economy on shaky ground, with Social Security and retirement funds in jeopardy, this is a growing audience.  This presentation can be coupled with retirement and estate planning presentations.  It is also ideal for “”Learning in Retirement” programs and SCORE members.

Presentation covers:

  • Why more and more retiring men and women are considering becoming retire-preneurs.
  • The risks in going into business at this stage of life.
  • The potential for personal and financial gain.
  • Steps to take to find out if retire-preneurship is for you.

What you can expect to take away from this presentation: At the conclusion, attendees will have a clear understanding of the potential and the danger of becoming retire-preneurs, and they will have a roadmap to help them go to the next level in the decision-making process.


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