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For 35 years, I have helped dozens of  insurers, financial services companie and other businesses – from small, niche-market corporations  to multi-national Fortune 100 companies — define their objectives, identify their competitive advantages, focus on their bottom-line activities and marshal their resources to achieve enhanced productivity and profits.


Who Am I?



  • I am a writer, trainer, motivator, eductor.  For decades, I have created — and delivered — programs on topics from sales and product-specific training programs to marketing materials, including newsletters, website content, and more.


  • I am experienced.  In the nearly four decades I have been in business, I have completed more than 1,200 marketing and training projects, ranging from concept-to-completion, multi-piece programs to simple brochures and mailings.


  • I generate results.  On average, when objectives and audiences are clearly defined, my clients enjoy a 10-to-1 return on the value of my services in the first year.


  • I know your products, your business and your members.  With more than 35 years in business, I have seen it all, done it all, and kept producing quality results for my clientwincluding ongoing work with a number of fraternals.


I help my clients increase their business results by…


  • Working with them to identify and focus on their unique competitive advantages.


  • Creating custom marketing & public relations campaigns to help them broaden market awareness and create a clear, focused “branding” image.


  • Developing and implementing skills training, customer service and other programs to train new hires and improve the productivity of current employees, both in the home office and in the field.


  • Providing hands-on client/prospect communications vehicles, including newsletter and website development and management.

What can I do for you?  Let’s find out  by investing a few hours together.  With this in mind, I will be in touch to see if there is a mutually convenient time to meet.  No obligation and no cost.  Thanks.


Need a Financial Wellness Program to…

  • provide a value-added benefit that employees will actually appreciate?

  • help employees better manage their money in these challenging times?

  • take the sting out of low or no pay raise for your employees?

  • boost morale?

Visit JR Ingrisano’s Family Finance Conference Center for details.  Presentations, seminars, and workshops are available to fit every need.

Programs are built around the principles in JR Ingrisano’s latest book, The Back to Basics Book of Money!  A Couple’s Guide to Financial Peace, which provides ten “Couples Money Skills” and dovetails with the Book of Money Workbook, which provides 31 practical wealth building activities.

Have questions? Contact JR Ingrisano at, or call (770) 314-2649.


Entrepreneur Mug: 

Because there’s only one thing worse than working for yourself … and that’s working for somebody else!”  — John R. Ingrisano

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The Freestyle Entrepreneur MegaMug


John R. Ingrisano is a platform presenter – motivating, educating and entertaining business owners, managers and sales teams on the rough ‘n tumble subjects of surviving (and sometimes even thriving) in the free-for-all business arena. Below are just some of topics he can present to your group:

  • Going beyond “Have a Nice Day”:  The Importance of Customer Service
  • Great Customer Service: Why & How
  • “Branding” and the Business Owner
  • Big-time Marketing on a Small-time Budget
  • The Business Owner’s Guide to a Pain-free Vacation
  • Husbands, Wives & Business: How to Survive Working Together
  • Are You a Buddy Or A Boss? An Employee-Relations Primer
  • The Freestyle Lifestyle: The Fine Art of Being Self-Employed Without Being Unemployed
  • Ten Ways to Keep from Getting Burned When Hiring An Employee
  • How to Beat Business Burnout
  • The Christian Businessman
  • The Writing Life
  • Selling:  The Greatest Job in the World

Contact me for more information.