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The best part about being in business is that there are no guarantees.  It’s not a pony ride at an amusement park; it’s an extreme adventure without a safety net. 
I still get the biggest thrill in the world when I land a new contract…and just about die from despair when I lose an existing client.
The bottom line: Business is tough.  That’s why only some of us are crazy and tough enough to be in it.  So, work  hard.  Make money.  And, yes, enjoy the adventure. — jri
To be an entrepreneur, you have to
be like a bobo clown.  You punch it in
the nose and it pops right back
    —    Lisa Renshaw

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  1. Cyrus | Feb 5, 2008 | Reply

    Never thought of myself as being a clown, but now that I do it makes me proud. Bring on the punches!

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