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The Freestyle Entrepreneur is pleased to announce the first program in the TFE Business Presentation Series:  How to Beat Burnout!  This program, presented by entrepreneur John Ingrisano, can be tailored for your individual for business, entrepreneur, executive or inventor group.

The premise:  Burnout and boredom are among the top reasons small business owners pack it in and either sell out or shut down.  According to market re­search, these two factors account for 50 percent of all busi­ness sales.  Pretty much every business owner hits the wall, crashes and burns.  The problem is especially rough in today’s shaky economy.  

It makes sense.  Successful men and women tend to be creative problem solvers.  They are also easily bored.  Plus, they don’t just commit them­selves to their companies … they become consumed by the quest.  Many put in long hours.  They neglect their health, families and outside activities.  Some end up physically ill, emotionally depressed, divorced.  Ironically, a major cause of burnout is suc­cess, ach­ieving a single goal long sought.  That’s why many owners get rest­less, discontented, bored.  

The program:  This entertaining and informative 45-minute presentation, with Power Point and handouts, has universal appeal for most business owners.  A lively mixture of statistics and John Ingrisano’s personal experiences (“I know I’m approaching burnout when I begin fantasizing about either Las Vegas and a showgirl or applying for an hourly job behind the counter of my local convenience store.”), you will be amused and unsettled by this humorous approach to a very serious subject.  Most of all, however, you will leave with some practical ideas about how to beat burnout. 

Who should find out more: If you are an administrator for a Chamber of Commerce, SCORE chapter, Economic Development Corporation, or work with any group that brings together self-employeds and SBOs, you owe it to your group to get more information 

Presentation covers:

  • The price of commitment to success and the risk and causes of burnout. 
  • The telltale signs of impending burnout.
  • Ten practical, hands-on tips to re-ignite that fire in your belly and side-step burnout. 

 What attendees can expect to take away from this presentation: Business owners and executives will obtain tools to help them recognize the telltale signs of burnout and be able to take steps to avoid this destructive malaise that plagues too many men and women in business. 

For more information, call (920) 559-3722, or email him at

John R. Ingrisano isn’t a psychiatrist or a Harvard MBA.  He’s a mud-blood-and-guts business owner – 25 years worth – who admits that he has hit burnout several times, and the price of struggling back and re-igniting the fire in his belly was daunting.  That’s why he made a study of burnout, as he has with other areas of interest to small business owners. 

He is the author of articles on selling, money management and inspiration.  He is also a regular speaker for business meetings, annual conventions, sales seminars, charitable fund-raising events, business and religious groups, and the author of several books, including The Back to Basics Book of Selling and The Back to Basics Book of Money.


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