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I got swapping motivational business stories yesterday with a new business associate.  We talked about Steven Covey and W. Clement Stone and other biz authors we had both read, so we had terrific issues in common, almost like we had been referred by mutual friends.   We also both laughed at how we had come roaring […]


I know how to achieve success.  It’s really simple:  Goals, focus, attention to the details and determination.   It seems to me that where many of us fall down is at that yeah-but point.  We want to take a simple, proven formula for success and round off the corners, adjust it, compromise it, very often […]


Keep good records.  Track your activity.  Maybe in a go-go economy, you can afford to slop along and stay in the black.  But survivors and thrivers in business these days know which products make the biggest profits; which customers generate the most sales; which employees are worth their wages.   Most of all, don’t just […]


One of the people I admire most in this world is Winston Churchill.  He was tough, abrasive, brilliant and, it seems to me, single-handedly  threw up the sea wall that stopped the advance of Hitler in World War II.   He was pure determination.  And for that reason, he was perhaps the deciding factor in […]


It’s not about luck.  It is about work, focus, goals … and downright determination.  Just as important, success is not about never failing, getting an easy ride, or even being born with a silver spoon in your mouth.  If you never give up, you will succeed — maybe not today, maybe not next week, maybe […]